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Welcome to the Sensory Encoding and Neurosensory Engineering (SENSE) Lab. We are a diverse and interdisciplinary lab, primarily working on aspects of hearing and balance disorders, ear diseases, and neurosensory prostheses attached to the ear.

Our research encompasses cadaveric research, cell based research, microelectrode arrays, 3D printing of microstructures, sensors to measure body functions, and regenerative and protective therapies.

Prof. Manohar Bance is a practising Otologic and Skull Base Surgeon, and works extensively with hearing and balance disorders, auditory implants (bone conduction implants, cochlear implants, middle ear implants), and balance disorders.

Our lab is very interdisciplinary, having engineers, medical graduates, surgeons, physicists, and neuroscientists working together. Additionally, we collaborate extensively with the Engineering Faculty.

We are pleased to consider PhD and postdoctoral applicants, funding permitting.